Pump Tracks

Pump tracks are the ultimate playground for wheeled sports and the latest craze to sweep the outdoor recreation world; they are fun to ride for all ages and abilities, develop fitness, skills and co-ordination and are hugely addictive! Ideal for skateboards, scooters and any kind of bike, modular pump tracks provide great value for money when compared to other sports facilities such as 5-aside pitches, skate parks or MUGA’s.
Being fun, intuitive to ride, and lower risk than conventional skate parks, they’re suitable for all ages and abilities, from toddlers on balance bikes to their grandparents on mountain bikes, and everyone in between! Modular Pump tracks are unique in that they have a perfectly smooth and consistent riding surface. This opens up a world of possibilities as it means anyone riding a skateboard or scooter can enjoy

Pump tracks just as much as someone on a BMX or mountain bike. Most facilities cater primarily for one group more than the other, whereas Modular Pump tracks are truly inclusive, providing a positive community space.

Low Maintenance Modular Pump tracks don’t require any significant on-going maintenance; and therefore they work out to be a great value investment. Manufactured under factory conditions, the hard wearing riding surface will remain consistent for years to come. Engineered in either Fiberglass Composite or Precast Concrete, they carry 5 and 10 year warranties respectively.




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